The Teri and Shari Malone Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to recognizing and developing the talents of selected eighth grade students from Loudoun County schools through scholarship grants.  The Foundation is committed to remembering a talented set of twins who tragically lost their lives shortly after finishing their eighth grade year in school.  Friends of the family established this Foundation to honor the girls in 1991.

Each middle school in Loudoun County chooses the current year’s recipients; the Foundation graciously acknowledges the important part the middle schools play in this process.  The schools select talented students in each of the five areas of study in which the Malone twins themselves excelled. The Malone Foundation works in partnership with the Department of Instruction at Loudoun County  Public Schools. The Foundation is honored each year to be able to present its current class to the School Board.

For each award, the recipient receives a recognition plaque, presented at a special ceremony in the fall, and $250 in scholarship assistance to further develop the recipient’s skills in one of the areas of our awards: Math, Science, Art, Music, and Drama.  As of December 2010, the Foundation has contributed $78,879.21 in scholarships to furthering the education and training of 366 deserving students.

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