Redeeming your scholarship

Ready to Redeem your Scholarship?

To assist you with redeeming your scholarship, the Malone Foundation has provided a downloadable pdf that can be filled out and submitted electronically, or sent by postal mail. If you choose to contact us by phone or email without using the form, please be prepared to supply the name of the activity, the address to which a check should be mailed, the total cost of the activity, and the way the activity will enhance your skills. Upon approval of your selected activity, a check will be sent to the sponsoring organization.

Download Form

Each Teri and Shari Malone Foundation recipient is awarded $250 in scholarship assistance. The scholarship money can be redeemed as a lump sum or in multiple pieces. The recipients have until December 31st two years after they receive the award to request their money. That would be December 31st of their Junior year of high school.

Need more information on the process or suggestions for programs? Keep reading!

What qualifies?

Programs which qualify for support from the Teri and Shari Malone Foundation include those which offer group or one-on-one instruction in one of the fields the Foundation recognizes. Qualifying programs must provide some mentorship and recipients may attend a program for any one of the areas of recognition. For example: a Math recipient could take vocal lessons or attend Space Camp.

Members of the Board of The Teri and Shari Malone Foundation will discuss opportunities you research, but The Foundation does not seek out programs for recipients. For complete lists of programs past recipients have attending, please click the link below.

Past Programs and Classes

What does NOT Qualify?

Programs which do NOT qualify include those outside the scope of the stated awards. For example, progams in the areas of english, history, or leadership do not qualify. While the opportunity to travel, either domestically or internationally, may be enriching, the Foundation does not support programs whose main focus is travel. The Foundation does not support the purchase of software, hardware, or musical instruments.

Scholarship funds are intended to support an enrichment activitiy that is outside the the scope of curriculum requirements. As such, the Foundation does not support required activities associated with school assignments and projects. Optional or enrichment programs organized through the schools, which are NOT required, are acceptable.